SAPPHIRE OpenText Integration

SAPPHIRE OpenText Integration


Maximise the potential of a complete end to end digital information framework – with SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management by OpenText.

There is not a day that goes by without needing to quickly access documents, records and information from a wide variety of sources. There is frequent demand for smarter ways of working, simpler processes, easier to access information, but these can be hindered by the ever-increasing amount of unstructured information and content. 

SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management by OpenText covers everything from document and records management to information retrieval and collaboration– and helps connect your e-mails, presentation slides, documents, and other unstructured content to your core business processes.  

With over 225 certified OpenText EIM consultants, and 100+ active OpenText references, delaware has deep and extensive expertise on information management business processes and SAP integration.

"We turned to delaware due to their experience with OpenText Extended ECM and SAP.We felt they were best placed to provide the impartial advice and implementation skills we needed"
Mirjam Weima

Client Case : Alliander NV

As Alliander moved to new ways of working, which were increasingly reliant on mobile access and being able to retrieve information anytime and anywhere, they sought to improve how their OpenText and SAP solutions worked together.