Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management

SAP EAM is crucial to Utilities Operations

Due to the criticality, complexity, and high-value nature of assets in support of operations and service provisionSAP EAM is crucial tool to effectively manage, maintainand optimize asset performance. This is further compounded by the level of risk management that must be mitigated in terms of health, safety, environment, and communities. 

Risks and challenges across Utilities operations

  • EAM data, reliability data, and operational data are often siloed. 

  • Complex asset portfolios can be overwhelming and difficult to properly manage and prioritize without a well thought out and fully adopted strategy and standards. 

  • Strict safety and environmental regulations can lead to serious consequences on many levels if not complied with adequately. 

  • Maintenance and downtime can have significant cost impact to utility customers, which requires the effective planning, scheduling, communication and execution of work to minimize disruption and costs. 

A FAST EAM core with native integrations & innovations drives improvements across the organization

  • Fast EAM is Delaware’s accelerator to bring a solid EAM core which enables integration, innovation and reporting throughout the asset lifecycle. 

  • Native integration with cross-functional SAP modules ensures collaboration across the business which brings visibility and drives improvements. 

  • Geospatial asset management and mobility enable planning, scheduling, and the execution of work in remote locations to be carried out efficiently. 

  • Asset Performance Management provides a natively integrated reliability and health monitoring solutions connected with the core EAM solution. 

  • Integration through BTP further enables data management, business processes, automated workflows, visualization and reporting without compromising the core. 

Leveraging EAM for complex and valuable assets

  • Optimized asset strategies to drive improved reliabilitysustainability, and overall asset performance. 

  • Predictive maintenance and detailed planning and scheduling reduces overall downtime and reduces costs. 

  • Increase safety of workers and reduce risk to the environment and communities. 

  • Real time visibility to data and process drives better decisions and asset allocation. 

  • The fully integrated solution provides data-driven insights, asset performance trends and information to help make informed decisions around improvements and investments. 

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