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digital finance solution can help streamline and automate financial processes to build efficienciesprovide financial reporting accuracy and improve decision making. The volatile commodity prices, increasing operational costs, regulatory reporting requirements of highly complex sources of data, and managing change through acquisitions and divestitures means that a fully integrated financial management and reporting system has never been more important.  

Why is SAP digital finance solution required?

  • Most utility companies also have to meet complex financial reporting requirements from a local PUC and FERC reporting perspective..  

  • Managing accurate financial data across multiple regions and service lines adds complexity with multiple tax and regulatory requirements. 

  • Inaccurate financial data impacts the organization’s ability to make decisions around critical business functions and has a negative impact on minimizing costs and ensuring optimal inventory levels. 

  • Financial management requires real time visibility to effectively manage the issues related to volatile commodity pricing. 

How delaware is helping utility companies solve financial challenges

  • Assessment to plan your move to S/4 HANA and a road map for success. 

  • Assess and design compliant reporting mechanisms capable of meeting individual accounting reporting standards based on industry and locality needs. 

  • Implement financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting across your organization with better analytics. 

  • Provide streamlined accounting to close practices with automated workflows to manage reconciliation and consolidation processes. 

  • Enhance local tax compliance and reduce taxes by automating processes and enable smarter tax choices. 

  • Provide real-time visibility into cash management. 

  • Build efficiencies into your financial operations and quickly respond to fluctuations in the market. 

  • Improve risk management and compliance through controls in business operations to meet regulatory requirements. 

Streamline finance with analytics to improve decisions and minimize risk

  • Automate financial processes, reducing manual effort and minimizes errors. 

  • Provides real-time visibility into financial data allowing companies to monitor performance, identify trends, and make improved decisions. 

  • Manage complex regulatory complianceprovide accurate information, and reduce risk. 

  • The highly integrated data and processes ensure a more holistic view of operations, better forecasting and informed decision making though advanced analytics. 

  • Generate more effective strategic plansoptimize capital acquisitions, and adapt to changing markets quickly. 

  • Provide a platform capable of producing financial reporting meeting various reporting requirement standards based on locality, industry and accounting standards without the need for significant manual intervention. 

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