Projects & Portfolio Management

Projects & Portfolio Management

The Importance of Projects

With the increased focus on decarbonization and increased investment in renewable energy resources while still having to contend with the maintenance and replacement of aging infrastructure, many Utilities face a challenging proposition of managing and allocating capital investment on appropriate initiatives. 

Having a fully integrated Project and Portfolio Management solution to support this life cycle process is never more important. Success of any project being to deliver to the timescales, do so with a lower cost and deliver against the identified benefits. The need to increase productivity, do so more efficiently and deliver this with a view to decarbonization of operations and supply. 

Why is there a need to improve capital management?

  • Select well - Multiple pieces of work competing for the same limited financial and staffing resources. 

  • Important investments in the grid vs. affordability for their community members 

  • A common logic - Strategies are not aligned across the various entities or business units driving the Programs / Projects. 

  • A common way of working - Divergent processes & models for managing and reporting on Program / Project performance and progress. 

  • How are things going - No ability to track progress and have clear accountability for delivery. 

  • A complete solution - A multitude of toolsets/systems across the organization leading to inconsistent data, duplication, and siloed information. 

How delaware is helping utility companies manage capital investments

Project and Portfolio Management – Asset Life Cycle Support 

Delaware has developed a focused capability around SAP PPM and SAP S/4 HANA, which has been aligned to support operations from program selection, through initiation, execution to completion and close out. Designed to reduce the issues around making the right decision on program versus organizational priorities to efficient execution of program activities and monitoring of the portfolio to keep key stakeholders informed and making the right decisions. A fully integrated solution removing the need for any manual intervention. 

The Value of Properly Managing Project Portfolio Management

Project & Portfolio Management: Asset related Programs and Projects 

  • One Process - A common way of working across the whole organization for the portfolio and project life cycle. 

  • One Solution - A single integrated solution enabling the Portfolio and Project Life Cycle. One system, one truth. 

  • Information - Increased accuracy, quality, and timeliness of data for all interested parties within an organization. No need for external data manipulation. 

  • The right decisions - Delivers the ability to prioritize Projects, Proposal, Concepts in a consistent and objective way using a common set of evaluation criteria rather than based on political or emotional factors.

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